As a leader in site development, We continue to expand our role in residential development, fostering a reputation for quality, fast turnaround times, and the broad spectrum of services it can provide to consistently meet or exceed client expectations.

The typical scope of work performed by Pierson includes clearing, earthwork, underground utilities, drainage, pump stations, retaining walls, culverts, curb, subbase and paving. Serving as a project manager, we can provide single-point contact as we often have responsibility for fencing, striping, signage, electrical and landscaping in addition to the work we perform directly. The result is increased efficiency for our clients.

Our experienced staff is often able to "value engineer" portions of the project by redesigning costly features, economizing on materials and improving turnaround time.


Underground piping for sewer, drainage and water supply systems are an integral part of site development, whether for residential, commercial, industrial or retail facilities. Initially gaining experience in this field through private sector developmen, Pierson was soon aggressively bidding on and successfully contracting with public agencies for construction projects of this nature. Utility relocations, extensions and new systems are also frequently a part of road and highway construction contracts. Having the resources to perform this type of work with its own manpower and equipment, enables the company to benefit from increased control and efficiency for the overall project.

Utility work requires a wide variety of equipment, much of it specialized and tailored for specific operations peculiar to underground work. For this reason, Pierson maintains a large pool of equipment to meet such challenges as high underground water tables, rock and unstable soil conditions. We also perform our own dewatering, sheeting and shoring, underpinning and pile support system as well as perform pipe system testing. Pierson is able to satisfy virtually all utility construction requirements.


We are actively engaged in highway and bridge construction throughout the mid-Atlantic region. The company competes for this work through competitive public bidding, occasionally as a joint venture partner. It also performs as a subcontractor for such functions as earthwork, utility work, paving and structures.

Pierson's broad-ranging in-house capabilities include clearing, demolition, excavation, embankment, utility work, asphalt and concrete pavements, curbs, barriers, retaining walls, culverts, piling, sheeting and bridge construction. Many of the projects we perform are of multi-year duration, the longest to date having been a five-year project for the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

Pierson maintains numerous pre-qualifications with agencies such as Department of Transportation of New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania, as well as various highway, turnpike and bridge authorities and federal agencies.

With a goal of continued growth in the heavy and highway construction industry, Pierson is continually seeking selective bidding opportunities, potential joint-venture partners and major subcontracting situations. Our asphalt and concrete plants, milling and recycling operations, large pool of equipment and experienced personnel combine to give us a price and performance advantage in most situations. Pierson and its employees are very proud to have an excellent history of meeting or exceeding contractual goals and of never failing to complete a project.


Our Demolition Division is routinely relied on for a wide range of projects requiring wrecking, dismantlement, implosion, recycling and environmental expertise. The Demolition Division has steadily increased in size, filling key positions with some of the most experienced and respected demolition specialists in the country. Talent onboard, we have tackled some very complex projects, while completing them successfully within tight time constraints. Some of these projects included the dismantlement of the 38 story One Meridian Plaza office building in Center City Philadelphia, The Philadelphia Civic Center, the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard for Kvaerner and the Curries Woods 14 story apartment building in Jersey City, which included on-site recycling.

Our demolition capabilities are a beneficial enhancement to our site development operations, enabling our clients to contract demolition and sitework together. This results in increased efficiencies and cost savings through single-point contracting.

While we will continue to grow this portion of our business, in both scope and geographical coverage, we will continue to remain focused on our top priorities, including safety, performance and customer satisfaction.

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